Topics to write an argumentative essay

Bullfighting. Origin, Why should it be maintained or rejected?

The abortion. Analysis of the question for / against and why.

The use of animal skins for dresses. It is a savage or fulfills a function.
The drugs.
The legalization of drugs. Is it necessary or not?
The bottle. Is it understandable or leads to irrational behavior?
The programs of the heart. They are needed?
The vegetarian food.
Bulimia / anorexia. What causes it? For what is this? How should it be solved?
The result of the excessive importance that is given to the image in society.
Prostitution. Should it be deleted?
Excessive exposure of people to television images
The egocentrism of many people: causes and consequences.
Global warming.
The death penalty. Is it necessary in a country?
The drug dealers.
Difference between freedom and debauchery
Terrorism in the world.
Religion: Is it necessary? Truths and deceptions.
Fanaticism: by musical groups, actors / actresses, politicians, religious …
The topic of “carpe diem”; Visions exaggerated or understandable.
Ways to help the planet.
The use of stem cells.
The lie: is it necessary in society?
Social solidarity: Are people really aware of it? “Life is very dangerous. Not for the people who do evil, but for those who sit to see what happens. ” Einstein.
Respect for the most disadvantaged economically, physically or psychologically. Is there a cooperative work in society? “I regretted not having better shoes until I saw a man who had no feet”
The ninny generation. What is your ideology? Why do they take life like this?
Daily behavior in class. Is good or bad? For what is this?
Are there too many festivals in Spain compared to the rest of Europe?
Is there a relationship between climate and mood? Accompany this thesis with a comparison with other areas of the country or other countries where a well defined distinct state is demonstrated.
“I only know that I know nothing”. Defend this famous phrase in society comparatively.
What leads people to want to belong to a group?
The different bands / urban tribes and their attitude to life comparatively. Please state your reference characteristics.
The radical gangs: Latinos Kings, nets, Dominican don’t play and skinheads and redheads and the social damage they create.
Are too many violent images on TV? Why? What do they get in society?
Violence over others: What is due? Why is it exercised and against whom?
Is peace necessary? Could a day come when global peace reigns? How can peace be achieved in the world?
Everybody has a price? That is, for a handful of Euros do you think everyone is willing to do anything? Where is the border between honesty and materialism (selling itself)
War toys.
Is football, with its first division teams a sport or a business?
“Every time I turn on the television I feel like reading a book.” Phrase of Grouch Marx. Explain it and position yourself for or against.
“Whoever is afraid to ask, is ashamed to learn.” The need for education in a country.
“There are two infinite things, the Universe and human stupidity.” Einstein. Defend Einstein’s proverb and add examples / arguments to defend your position.
Who is a good friend? “Friends are like taxis, when there is bad weather.” Anonymous.
Why talk about feelings is so despised? If someone cries, others laugh. “Few see what we are, but they all see what we look like.” Nicolas Machiavelli.
The gossip. Is it a quality of all human beings? Why are there people who love to gossip?
Should criticism be good or bad, should we tolerate them to learn or reject them directly? “Whoever gets angry at the criticism, recognizes that he deserved it.”
The new technologies, serve to unite us more or to have virtual friends and lovers at a distance?
Would you like to be famous? At what price?
Is Belen Esteban an example of a fight or a product that television uses to gain audience?
What is the result of “reality shows? Are they good for something or are they a joke? Why?

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