Essay topics on “Withering Heights”

“Withering Heights” is the only novel written by the author Emily Bronte. First published in 1847, it is a story of passion and revenge that initially was not widely accepted or appreciated. Today it is considered one of the best works ever written in English literature.
Social class

The class problem occurs throughout the novel, especially referring to the character of Heath cliff. Often he is mistreated because he belongs to a lower class. Heath cliff begins as an orphan and then becomes a knight, yet he works as a laborer before returning to become a knight. What does the author say about class structure and its relationship to personal happiness? Are there other characters affected by the social class to which they belong? If so, how does this affect their development and their decisions?

Revenge is a central theme in the novel. As the plot progresses, it becomes apparent that Heath cliff wants to ruin the Shaker and Linton families. In the process of trying to get what he thinks is his, his family becomes more miserable than before. Discuss what the story suggests about the concept of revenge and how it affects the story and the characters in the book. It also discusses the ways in which revenge is related to love.

Self destruction

Heath cliff rejoices Catherine Shaker throughout the book. However, as the novel progresses, Catherine begins to treat him badly and even ends up leaving him to marry Edgar Linton. Although she does, she continues to claim that she loves Heath cliff. As Catherine’s treatment of Heath cliff gets worse, his love for her grows. Is Heath cliff’s inability to accept maltreatment and negative change in his personality a sign of complacency or self-destruction? Are there other examples of this?

Bronte was inspired by what was around her. Throughout the novel, the author describes the physical landscapes and the power of imagination plays an important role in the development of the story and its characters. Discuss how the physical context affects the characters. The landscape includes mainly waterlogged Paramours and zones of infertile earth. What can these moors symbolically mean? He also discusses the concept of drowning in relation to history, in particular, in relation to the love story between Heath cliff and Catherine.

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