Education Topics for a Comparison and Contrast Essay

There are many ways to compare and contrast educational topics. Most people agree on the importance of education, but not on the appropriate methods for educating children. Differences in the philosophy of education arise from a number of situations, including the differences between public and private schools, the benefits of special education, and the moral to teach sexuality issues.

Private and public school

Most American students attend public school, but others go to private school. It compares the differences between the two schools, covering topics such as classroom size, test scores, and the cost of private education. Other issues related to private schools involve school vouchers, the likelihood of eliminating public education, and the differences between private and secular private schools. Another option is to compare different schools, such as those in different districts, schools in different states, and compare two specific schools directly.
Higher education

Higher education provides a variety of topics to compare, from community colleges to the Ivy League graduate. Possible topics for a comparative essay on community and state colleges span the quality of education, student fees, and the cost of education. You can compare the benefits of different grades; For example, write an essay where you compare and contrast the university degree with a masters degree. Other comparisons can be the specialties with general education and the differences of the schools of commerce, and of the universities.
Public health issues

Sex education is a controversial situation that offers several issues. Compare and contrast the different methods for teaching sex education; Focus on the effectiveness of abstinence education against which you provide contraceptive information. Another issue is to compare political and moral arguments against certain methods for teaching sexuality. Another option is anti-drug programs, nutrition classes and physical education.
Special and Advanced Education

Special education provides safety for children with disabilities to learn and advanced education also for intelligent children. Topics for these types of education include cost, the need to hire specialist teachers, and the reasons schools avoid or do not include special education programs. Focus on advanced education programs such as Advanced Placement classes, comparing and contrasting these types of classes with traditional ones. Talk about the benefits of transferring students to advanced classes and responsibilities.

School policy

School policy sets the rules and structure that students and teachers need. Related topics include non-drug tolerance policies, banning junk food and soft drinks machines, dress codes, such as wearing uniforms and cheating policies on exams. Compare and contrast the differences between a policy and its alternative; For example, talks about the benefits of not wearing a uniform against those of using them. Another option is to compare two different policies to find a contradiction; For example, compares drug policy and cheating on tests to see if they both follow the non-tolerance rule.

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