Time management college essay

How important is time management? The use of our time should be in charge of the importance of our activities and goals, that is why we must come to the realization that time is our most important resource, is the most valuable and precious we have. It is perishable, can not be replaced, nor can it be saved. The only thing we can do with it, is to decide how it will be used. If we appropriately consider our goals and activities, and we carry them out in order of importance, we will have made a good one of our time because we will always go to what is most important, although for this we must sacrifice those of lesser importance. One of the first steps in time management is the planning of activities, a schedule will be assigned to all activities with the use of a personal agenda which will give us an advantage of an overview of the totality of the workload Or activity to be performed. You can also make a daily list of activities where depending on our matrix of activities you can change the importance that will be given to each activity to perform.
When talking about efficiency and effectiveness essential parts of time management you can talk about

who told us that “efficiency is the correct utilization of available resources” and Efficiency “is as a measure of achievement of results.” But what is said is that effectiveness is more important than effectiveness.
Because the goal must be the achievement of objectives, not simply that the person is busy. Very often people quickly because they think they are not going to make trouble, but the reality is that when people work fast and under pressure they make more mistakes, that is why today you can say that working faster and working more hours are Poor strategies to manage time.

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