How to Make a Film Essay

The first thing we have to keep in mind when we think about how to make a rehearsal of a movie is whether it is going to be aimed at an audience that has already seen the film or if we want it to be a criticism directed at viewers who have not yet gone to See the work. In the first case we can comment the argument thoroughly but in the second we must be very careful and give our opinion about the film but revealing as little as possible about its plot.

In the introduction of a short essay on a film we can start by commenting a couple of lines about it in general, to put the reader in background of what we are talking about and then focus the topic on the aspect that we are going to highlight of it. That is, the idea that we are going to defend in the body of the essay, for example: “it is a good movie”, “it is a boring film”, “it is a film representative of its director”, ” To the height of other interpretations of X, its protagonist “.

Of course, although that is the central idea, we must expose it in an attractive way and cause the reader to continue reading. It is not the same to say it is a good film to say: “Although it is not one of the best works of X for the reasons that I will defend in my essay, it is a great film with an unquestionable quality and that knows to maintain the attention of the spectator Until the last frame. ”


How to make a movie essay: The body of the essay

Here we will defend the theory set out in the introduction. Normally when we talk about how to make a rehearsal of a film we talk about an argumentative type essay, that is, a writing where we are going to give opinions on which we base ourselves to defend our point of view.

There is another possibility, that of being film students. In this case a more technical type of study can be carried out, which may have a more scientific approach, but since it will not be the norm when it comes to how to make a film essay, we are going to focus on what would be a classic argumentative essay .

We can support our opinions in those of renowned critics to give more weight to them. Or in articles appearing in specialized magazines. But above all we must reason our arguments. Not to say that a movie is boring without more, we must explain, for example, that it is boring because the director has not been able to give a correct rhythm, resulting too slow. Or that the actor or actress has not been able to transmit the correct emotions by performing a flat interpretation, devoid of nuances that made identification impossible with the protagonist and therefore led to loss of interest in the plot.

We must remember to put at the end of the essay where we have extracted the citations in a list of bibliographical references.

How to Make a Film Rehearsal: The Findings

In the conclusions of the essay we shall give our idea as proved by a brief summary of the most important reasons on which we have relied to defend it. We must include the idea with which we want the reader to remain. Although we may have also talked about the lighting or the interpretation of the actors throughout the essay, we can consider that the most relevant aspect of the film has been its script and plot turns.

In this case we must emphasize it in the conclusions so that the reader stays with that concept that seems to us the most important of the film.

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