Essay on Immigration

The advance of solutions to solve the problem of illegal immigration was derailed by the attacks of September 11, although most of the members of the American Congress recognize that the Mexican immigration does not constitute a threat to the national security. The law to increase Border Security and Reform the Visas that Congress passed in May 2002 represents the appropriate response to terrorism. The law focuses on identifying suspected terrorists abroad and keeping them outside the United States. It is notable that there are no provisions in the law to reduce levels of legal immigration or to tighten controls on undocumented immigration from Mexico.

Forced Repatriation: Failed
The forced repatriation of Mexicans living in the United States is an important work that has been presented many times before and can be offered again as a conclusive solution to the problem of illegal emigration, however, That it never meant a conclusive solution, since the emigrations were given again, that is to say, the persecution of illegal achievements to give a partial and temporary solution, since it was impossible to repatriate all and to prevent that they re-enter to the United States is that It is revealed that repatriation policies have resulted from crises such as 1929 in which families and friends were separated for a massive expulsion of one people and thus protect the economic interests of another. A new mass expulsion is not viable these days as it is impossible to locate most of the illegal and the expense made would be useless since it would be a matter of months or weeks to re-enter.

In fact, creating a legal channel for the workers’ movement along the US-Mexican border would increase US national security. Before September 11, the US government had stationed more than four times the number of agents on the border with Mexico than in Canada, even though the latter is more than twice as long and has been preferred by Arabs to enter the United States Illegally.

A system that allows Mexican workers to enter legally would free thousands of government workers and save an estimated $ 3 billion a year – resources that would be available to combat terrorism. Presidents Bush and Fox should reaffirm their previous commitment to make “safe, Orderly, legal and dignifying “immigration to the border. Such a system should include a new temporary work visa that allows Mexican workers to legally and for a defined period enter the US labor market, as well as to facilitate undocumented workers already in the United States gaining legal status based on Years of work and other productive behaviors.

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Current immigration law makes criminals millions of hardworking immigrant workers and US employers alike whose only “crime” is the desire to work together in the market economy for mutual benefit. Leverage Mexican migration Would bring to the surface a huge underground market, would allow American producers in important sectors of our economy to hire the workers they need to grow, improve the wages and working conditions of millions of low-skilled workers, stimulate investment in human capital, And release Resources and personnel for the war on terrorism. Contrary to the commonly held objections, the evidence does not suggest that a properly designed legal Mexican migration system will unleash a wave of new immigrants to the United States, harm unprepared Americans, Create a burden on taxpayers, motivate the violation of the law, or compromise border security.